iPhone 7 Plus: how to take perfect portraits with the Dual Camera

The new Dual Camera from iPhone 7 Plus is certainly the main novelty of the smartphone of Apple from 5.5 inch and with the right conditions, it can compete with more professional cameras, especially in portrait photography. The new Portrait modeintroduced with iOS 10.1 as exclusive to iPhone 7 Plus, it allows you to center the focus on the subject, blurring the background for a portrait at the limits of professionalism. In the following guide, you will learn how to make the most of the potential of the Dual Camera of iPhone 7 Plus for perfect portraits.


In order to take advantage of the new Portrait mode it is logically necessary to have an iPhone 7 Plus (function not present on iPhone 7), updated at least to the iOS 10.1 version. While, to get the maximum efficiency from the dual camera, the two lenses will have to reach the so-called Bokeh effectwhich ensures a deliberately out-of-focus background with an overall circular appearance, so that only the person in the foreground is in focus.

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How to take pictures in Portrait mode

Taking a photo in Portrait mode requires opening the iPhone 7 Plus Camera and accessing it by moving across the device screen. While it may seem extremely simple to make a portrait, there are a few things you need to pay attention to.


Thanks to the sensor of Facial recognition integrated into the iPhone 7 Plus, the camera is able to quickly recognize the subject in the foreground. However, in the event of low light or a sensor error, you can manually select the person or object you want to place in the foreground with a simple tap on the screen.

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The greater the contrast between the background and the subject of the photo, the better the Bokeh effect of the Portrait mode will be. For this reason, a tip is to carefully choose the background of the photo, in particular it must be different in color and details, in order to create a perfect effect of depth.

Distance to the object

The minimum distance between the camera and the designated subject is approx 20 cm, which results in an optimal depth effect. If you are too close, the sensor of the iPhone 7 Plus will notify you through a notification on the screen with the advice to move away. If, on the other hand, one moves beyond the 2.5 m away from the subject, the Portrait mode will not be able to create the Bokeh effect, with the loss of the blurred background.

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Like any other type of photo, the lighting conditions are the cornerstones for the creation of perfect images. For example, if there is not enough exposure, the Dual Camera of the iPhone 7 Plus will not be able to take pictures in Portraitas the second camera only works when there are the right lighting conditions.

Contrary to what one might think, the perfect portrait comes from a source of brightness in the background, while the object is practically in shadow. There Dual Camerain fact, it is able to perfectly focus the object in these light conditions, so that the Bokeh effect is achieved.

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Choice of the object

In case you want to portray more than one person, you need to make sure that both subjects are at the same distance from the camera and have the same exposure. This is the only condition necessary to obtain a perfect portrait of several people. If the two objects in the photo are at different distances or exposures, the Dual Camera will focus only on the one in the foreground, considering the second as an integral part of the background.

When you are at distances greater than 2.5 meters, the depth effect will disappear and the iPhone 7 Plus camera will automatically activate the mode HDR, which allows for high-contrast shots. This mode can in turn be activated automatically or manually and works by superimposing images with different exposures.

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Save the portraits twice

In case you want to save both the photo with Bokeh effect and the normal one, you can activate this option from the Settings of iPhone 7 Plus, scrolling down within the Photo and camera item, within the Portrait section. Once activated, the camera will take the photo in Portrait mode and also save the one without the effect in the iPhone library.

Portrait photo without iPhone 7 Plus

If you don’t have Apple’s latest 5.5-inch smartphone, there are good applications to be able to create perfect portraits. Tadaa is a free photo editing app and can be downloaded directly from App Store. Instead of taking Bokeh photos, it allows users to choose the intensity of the gap between the subject and the blurred background to recreate the same result.

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