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iPhone 7, here is a $ 500 gadget to unlock the latest iPhone

iPhone 7, here is a $ 500 gadget to unlock the latest iPhone

In recent years we have been able to understand how smartphones and various mobile devices are increasingly in danger. No operating system guarantees 100% protection. Also iOS from Apple, a closed and highly protected ecosystem, can easily be hit by hackers. In confirmation of what has been said, the EverythingApplePro channel on YouTube has published in the past few hours an interesting video which shows an exploit capable of breaking the security barriers of each iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus.

The device in question costs only 500 dollars if of course we consider its potential. The aforementioned gadget is known by the name of iPhone Hack Box and it works simply by taking advantage of the update process of iOS to perform an exploit capable of bypassing the password protection that is shown on the lock screen.

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iPhone Hack Box: here is a small device that unlocks the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus!

Another interesting feature proposed by this particular device is that it manages to unlock simultaneously up to 3 smartphones. The exploit uses the brute force method since it tries the different combinations without activating the various protections integrated by Apple in its mobile operating system. The canal of YouTube also revealed that the gadget can only work with iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus moved by the versions 10.3.3 up to the first beta versions of iOS 11.

Following this news, TechCrunch decided to contact Apple to ask for explanations. The Cupertino company stated that the bug has been completely eliminated on the final version of iOS 11. Apple, in fact, would have corrected the problem starting from the fourth beta version of the new OS. L’iPhone Hack Box has three USB ports and cannot unlock terminals with older versions of the operating system Apple than those reported.

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The interesting thing, however, is that the device is able to install the desired version without the use of a password and then proceed to unlock in full freedom. As explained by the channel YouTube, the gadget exploits a loophole present in the recovery system. The latter allows you to enter the password an unlimited number of times without having blocks.

A iPhone 7 connected toiPhone Hack Box and to a MacBook Pro running Windows. The smartphone is brought into DFU mode and then connected to a named app 3uTools. This forces the iOS upgrade without prompting for the user’s password. At this point, the tool begins to break down the protections of the operating system of Apple. As this is a brute force, it is possible that the password will be discovered and broken in a matter of hours or days.

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