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iPhone 7: doubts about the name and new Space Black color

iPhone 7: doubts about the name and new Space Black color

Unlike what was previously said by the Chinese site Macotakara, according to which the next iPhone by it would come in one new Deep Blue color, the latest rumors reveal that the life of the Space Gray it would seem not to have come to an end. In fact, it will receive an update in favor of a darker color, not bluish, but much closer to black. Furthermore, after the reports of the last few days, the first doubts arise about which name can be assigned to the new iPhone, ahead of the debut of 3 new models, which could be called iPhone Air or Pro.

iPhone 7: the latest rumors

No Deep Blue, Space Black arrives

To talk about it was an anonymous source without any kind of reliability in the field of forecasts on the Cupertino company. Despite this, his iIP address was identified near the Apple headquarters, reporting a series of apparently reliable information.

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The report claims that the Home button, still physical in the current generation, will feature a haptic feedback to simulate clicks, using the same approach as the Force Touch. All this is consistent with a report a few weeks ago, according to which the Touch ID it will be embedded in the display. If so, the Apple could introduce a new key combination, to effect Hard Reset of the device.

As for the new coloring “Space Black”, the source claims that the Californian company wants to improve the ecosystem among its products, in particular in favor of a new color match with Apple Watch. Many past reports have repeatedly talked about a new color option for iPhone 7, sometimes described as a deep blue.

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In the last few hours, several have been made rendering, depicting the new dark black color. The first comes from Shai Mizrachi, known for having proposed his concept of Apple products several times in the past. While others were featured on the 9to5mac site by different users.

These concepts do not exactly represent the specific shades of black and design that Apple will use for their device, but they show a color very close to that proposed by the rumors. It is also possible that by new color we mean a new shade of Space Gray, as we have already seen happening in iPad, iPhone and iPod.

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But a new color option could increase user attention, spurring purchase in a year when Apple is planning to roll out a minor upgrade and switch to a three-year cycle for a radical hardware overhaul. Most Apple users believe that the iPhone’s color gamut is outdated, while 36% of people say they are not affected by this in the least.

Air or Pro: what will be the name of the next iPhone?

Following the typical timeline of the Cupertino company, the most likely name for the next flagship smartphone should be iPhone 7. However, with the recent change in the review cycle of its mobile devices, it is possible that this system may change. It is said that Apple can introduce this change as early as this year, which means that the seventh generation iPhone can only be a minor update and that the real iPhone 7, with major hardware changes, can debut no earlier than 2017.

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A report released last month by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei said that the next iPhone may not receive any kind of cosmetic change, and that the real changes will only be introduced in 2017. That report was supported by The Wall Street Journal and many. others. Most seem to agree on Apple’s decision to drop the 3.5mm audio jack and offers small improvements to the next flagship product.

There have also been some reports that have referred to a version “Pro”, which could add a third version to the current two models from 4.7 And 5.5 inch, creating a line of 3 smartphones. Even if this were not the case, Apple could adopt the “Pro” designation for its iPhone, as it has already done with Mac and iPad.

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The American company could of course call its next iPhone by “IPhone 7”, but this would create a higher set of expectations for a bigger update, something that would be best avoided if what has been said to date proved correct. Finally, the last possibility is that the Apple can simply call it “New iPhone”, as in the past it has done with the third generation of iPad And 12-inch MacBook.

Other rumors

There have been some references to Apple Watch 2 in the rumors of the last few hours, according to which it is said that it will include module GPS for more accurate training tracking, making it independent of iPhone. In addition, the training application will acquire the ability to record the I swim, which suggests a higher level of waterproofing.

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On the front MacBook Pro, it has been stated that alongside the new OLED touch screen bar a Touch ID sensor to log in with your fingerprint. We already know that MacOS Sierra will offer the possibility to unlock your Mac thanks to the connection with Apple Watch, but this would prove useful to those who do not own an Apple smartwatch.

Finally, it is said that the Californian company would be working on a line of EarPods completely wireless. Thus the possibility of seeing new wireless headphones is growing in conjunction with the launch of an iPhone without audio output.