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iPhone 7 camera: it’s good, but not like Samsung

iPhone 7 camera: it’s good, but not like Samsung

During the past Keynote 2016, the focus on new Apple products focused attention on the new proposals of the wearable world relating to the new second generation Apple Watch, as well as the potential brought into play by the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

From this point of view, the Cupertino company has opened a large paragraph aimed at enhancing the photographic capabilities of an iPhone which, according to the latest recent reports found on the specialist online newspaper Dx0Mark, is once again second to that seen for Samsung Galaxy. S7 and Note 7 (which adopt the same integrated solutions).

According to the reports on the subject, in fact, iPhone 7 Camera he would have scored a total of 86 on the hundredth scale desired by the portal, which has always been active in highlighting the best photographic solutions on the market.

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Already after the shots taken by Tim Cook in preview for his iPhone 7 Plus, some users had glimpsed some subtle qualitative difference which, albeit marginal, certainly deviates from the podium of Galaxy S7 & Co.

Wider diaphragm, improved and enlarged color range, even faster focusing system have therefore not served to equal a record that is made such already from the early stages of marketing of S7 after the MWC in Barcelona 2016.

Certainly we are faced with a proposal that covers the high end of the market, with clear images even in low light conditions, but we are still not at the level of Samsung.

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iPhone 7, therefore, it failed to achieve its intended purpose in the camera compartment, and certainly the news that the next Galaxy S8 could integrate a new Dual-Cam module does not help to improve the situation. The score was 86 out of a total score of 100, against the record of 88 points established by Galaxy S7 and Note 7. The improvement, however, was also made against the devices of the previous generation parent company.

Few, compared to the score, are the differences. But if you are really a maniac of the tip and shoot quality, know that S7 and Note 7 remain once again the undisputed top of the range of the photographic sector, the word is yours.