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iPhone 2018: larger batteries and up to 4 GB of RAM memory

iPhone 2018: larger batteries and up to 4 GB of RAM memory

As it is known, Apple plans to launch three new ones iPhone during the autumn of 2018 (plus a second generation of iPhone SE which should debut in the spring). The Cupertino house plans to build two smartphones with OLED displays, direct heirs ofiPhone X, and a model intended for the medium-high range of the market with 6.1-inch display with IPS LCD technology.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most trusted analysts in the world Apple, the new ones iPhone 2018 with OLED display should feature a larger battery than iPhone X. In particular, the 5.8-inch model, or the direct heir of iPhone X, should have one battery of at least 3,300 mAh and should guarantee, also thanks to the contribution of the new generation SoC, aautonomy greater than 25%.

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The two iPhone 2018 with OLED displays, moreover, should also present 4 GB of memory RAM in order to guarantee a further performance improvement, especially for multitasking. These should be the main innovations of a technical nature that will characterize the future iPhone due out next fall.

Among the confirmations we find the Face ID, the facial recognition system that should not receive any particular news and should be introduced on all three outgoing smartphones. A new generation of the Face ID, according to what has emerged in these hours, should debut no earlier than 2019.

It is clear that, considering the almost nine months that separate us from the debut, for more precise details on new ones iPhone 2018 it will be necessary to wait at least a few more weeks. Certainly, as confirmed by the many rumors of these days, the new ones iPhone coming out this year will not represent a revolution but a direct evolution compared to the already revolutionary iPhone X. Keep following us for all the updates.