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iPhone 15: this is what the iPhone’s display will look like

iPhone 15: this is what the iPhone’s display will look like

Curious to know what will become of the future of the iPhone? If so, this article is for you. In these hours interesting information has leaked about what will be the display of future iPhones, not only 14, but also 15! Well yes, it seems that Apple has clear ideas about what the fate of the iPhone by will be. Let’s find out all the details about it together.

The iPhones 14 are about to arrive, Apple will present them during the month of September. As already happened previously, this year too there will be 4 models, but there will no longer be a mini version. This will be replaced by a standard Max version. The same fate will also happen to the range 15. For those wondering what will happen to the notch and if it will disappear permanently? Here’s what the rumors and analysts are saying.

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iPhone 15: pills on the display of the 4 models

The design six new iPhone 14 should not differ so much from that of the iPhone 13. An interesting novelty, however, will come with regard to the display. According to what emerged, in fact, on the Pro models, Apple will finally take out the notch to make room for two “pills” of decidedly smaller dimensions. The base models, on the other hand, will continue to have the mini-notch already seen on the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. What will happen to the 15 range? Will Apple be able to make the pills disappear completely? Unfortunately, the answer is no! According to emerged, Apple will continue to offer the “pills”but unlike this year, they will be present on all models, even on the base iPhone 15.

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The above does not mean that Apple will never offer a display without holes. It simply means that the company is not ready to do so yet. In this regard, it is expected that a variant completely without holes will arrive on the pitch starting from 2024therefore, with the range of iPhone 16. Will you be able to wait that long?

Ph. Credit: Ian Zelbo via Twitter