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iPhone 14 will cost more than expected

iPhone 14 will cost more than expected

Bad news after bad news. After talking about Apple’s change of strategy for the new iPhones (only the Pro models will be equipped with the latest generation chips), another blow for apple fans arrives. According to analysts, the iPhones 14 will be priced higher than last year’s models. Let’s find out what the forecasts are.

Apple will launch 4 new iPhones in September. Unlike last year, however, there will not be an iPhone mini, but an iPhone (base) Max. This will have a significant impact on the cost of this year’s iPhone range. The prices to grab the cheapest model will be increased by at least 100 euros.

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iPhone 14: the cost prediction of the new models

Well yes, analysts speak of a an increase of about 100 euros on the price of the entry-level iPhone 14. The reason? Removal of the mini model. iPhone 14 will start with the same price list as last year, but there will be no “economic” version at 100 euros less. To make you understand better, below we are going to list the prices of the base models of the iPhone 13 and the expected prices for the iPhone 14:

iPhone 13

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iPhone 14

Basically, to buy an iPhone model this year, it will be necessary to pay at least 939.00 euros and, if Kuo’s words are confirmed, the base models will not even have a latest generation chip! Dear Apple, aren’t you venturing a little too much?

ph. credit: Ian Zelbo via Twitter