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iPhone 14 will be without notch: this is confirmed by Apple itself

iPhone 14 will be without notch: this is confirmed by Apple itself

For months, many have been wondering what the next design will be iPhone 14. Of all, the question that seems to haunt the majority of fans is: “How will the notch of the new iPhone by be?“. Over the past few weeks, several possibilities have been analyzed, however, nothing has been given for certain, at least until now. In the past few hours, in fact, the turning point has come. It seems that Apple has unveiled (by mistake) an important detail of the new iPhone 14. That’s what it is.

Everyone makes mistakes, even Apple which is usually very careful not to leak information about its new products. In a video released by the company during the WWDC 2022 An icon appeared that immediately aroused the curiosity of millions of users around the world. Does it represent the new iPhone by?

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iPhone 14 Pro: will the notch be like this?

The offending video released by Apple is titled “Qualities of great AR Experiences” and is, in fact, focused on augmented reality. In an instant of the video, precisely to the minute 9:18, an icon never seen before appears in the movie. Looking closely, one can easily guess that this is a stylized iPhone icon. So far everything normal, if it were not that an iPhone with those appearances does not yet exist on the market. To all intents and purposes, it seems that the company has unveiled the future of the iPhone, in particular the iPhone 14 Pro. According to what emerged in the video, the new professional iPhone phones will no longer be equipped with the notch (present since the days of the iPhone X), but will be equipped with a double hole (a pill and a small headband).

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Apple has not declared anything about the incident. The company has neither confirmed nor denied the news. Recall that the range of iPhone 14 (4 different models) will be unveiled next September. At this point, it appears that an official answer on the matter will come only then. Look forward to all updates on this.

Ph. Credit: Apple.com