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iPhone 14: this is the possible release date

iPhone 14: this is the possible release date

Apple fans eagerly awaiting the next launch of its line of smartphones to find out the iPhone 14 and the entire line that will accompany it, which -according to some reports- will be a little different from what everyone expects. Actually, for many, this is the most important event of the year, as it means that they will be able to get their hands on the next device with all the updates, but when can we expect it? You do not have to think too much about it.

When does the iPhone 14 arrive

Although there is no official announcement, considering that Apple usually launches in the same month each year, we can assume that we will see the next iPhone 14 in September, which would mean waiting a little longer to see them.

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Normally, Manzana launches its smartphones this month where it holds a special event presenting all the technology, the accessories that will accompany the device and –sometimes– other devices such as ipads. Only on a few occasions have they chosen other dates to launch their phones. For example, the iPhone 4s arrived in October 2011 and in 2020 they had to wait until October due to the Covid pandemic. Other than that, they’ve all arrived in September shortly after the event they’re performing at.

What will we see in the next iPhone

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Considering this, it is possible that not all phones will arrive immediately. Sometimes certain devices in the iPhone lineup haven’t started leaving stores until a month or two after their introduction, but flagship phones typically ship around 10 days after their introduction.

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As for the exact date on which it will be presented, there is nothing confirmed. Some point out that Apple prefers Tuesdays to make its presentation, but it could be Monday and Wednesday, in case they want to hold a public event, but the company has already opted for virtual events, so it could be any day, except weekends. Once the date of the event is announced, we will have a greater certainty of how long it could take to have the new Apple device in hands.

The event will undoubtedly have a lot of expectation considering the wave of reports that have come in about the iPhone 14 and all the speculations that have arisen. It is believed that a new model will be presented that will accompany the line, which will have four phones, which will massively change its design, in addition to the fact that it could integrate a new chip. We will know very soon.