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iPhone 14: big changes to the design expected and more

iPhone 14: big changes to the design expected and more

It’s not a bit early to talk about the iPhone 14 when the iPhone 13 have just been launched on the market? Apparently not! In these hours, several leakers are disclosing various information about what will be the future of Cupertino. After the few changes seen with the iPhone 13, the next models will make a bang. Here because.

Since the day of their presentation, the new iPhone by have been criticized for their purely identical appearance to last year’s versions. For most users, the innovations introduced with smartphones are not enough to push them to spend more than 1000 euros for the upgrade. The funny thing? Apple had foreseen all of this. Why, then, didn’t you decide to do more? He explained it to us Mark Gurman Bloomberg in the past few hours.

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iPhone 14 ready to break all sales records

Gurman is confident about the future of iPhones. This stated that if Apple has decided to present a smartphone with so few changes compared to the previous generation it is because it is working on something big to launch in the future. Apparently, one year was not enough for the company to bring the real news everyone expected with the 13 range onto the field. The big change will only come next year with the iPhone 14! The entire line will undergo a substantial aesthetic renewal. The technical characteristics will be the envy of any competitor.

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Apple will re-launch 4 iPhone models in the course of 2022. The mini variant will disappear to make room for a “standard” Max variant. We will therefore have two 6.1-inch and two 6.7-inch iPhones. There will continue to be a distinction between “standard” and “Pro” models. All versions will have a new super-performing processor. Furthermore, at least the Pros will definitely put the notch out of action! In short, great things are expected. Obviously, considering the well anticipated forecasts, we do not know if the new smartphones will actually be able to bring all the expected news into the field. For more detailed information we will have to wait a few more months. We, as usual, are confident, you?

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Ph. Credit: Jon Prosser via Twitter