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iPhone 13: no Touch ID on the new Apple smartphones

iPhone 13: no Touch ID on the new Apple smartphones

Apple’s fingerprint recognition system “Touch ID”Has always been idolized by users for its effectiveness and practicality. In recent years, the company has decided to take it out of the game on high-end iPhones in favor of the more innovative Face ID. Although the latter is safer, it has long been criticized for being less practical than its predecessor. For a couple of years now, fans of the bitten apple have been waiting for the return of Touch ID on premium iPhones. Many thought that this year with the iPhone 13 would be the turning point. Too bad, however, that it will not.

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Well yes, according to one recent Bloomberg reportApple would test a iPhone 13 with Touch ID integrated under the display. After a series of tests, however, it seems that the company has decided to put the idea aside to dedicate itself once again to Face ID. The question, therefore, arises: will Apple ever bring back its beloved fingerprint recognition system on high-end iPhone?

iPhone 13: Face ID wins once again

According to what was declared by Mark Gurman, Apple will continue to focus on Face ID as a security system for high-end iPhones. The company’s goal would be to succeed in bring the sensor below the display to get full-screen smartphones. Despite this, it is likely that in the future Apple will decide to also propose the Touch ID under the display. It is not certain, however, if this will arrive as an addition on the Pro variants or if it will only replace the Face ID in the “medium” variants.

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What is certain is that all 4 iPhones 13 planned for this year will not have the long-awaited feature. In fact, Apple has only decided to reduce the size of the notch in which the sensor for the Face ID is contained. The strengths of the iPhone by this year will be others: camera, chip, display, etc. We remind you that the presentation of the new iPhones is scheduled for September. Look forward to all updates on this.

Ph. Credit: Apple.com