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iPhone 13 is finally here: all the details on features and price

iPhone 13 is finally here: all the details on features and price

After months of waiting I’m finally here, Apple just took off the veils on the new iPhone 13 (and new generation iPad). Also this year, the house has opted for the launch of 4 different variants: two basic and two Pro. The aesthetics resume last year’s models. The technical characteristics, however, take everything to another level. Here are all the details.

For 2021, Apple has decided to divide its range of smartphones again into two distinct categories: the “standard” one and the one for “professional” users. All models guarantee high level performance. The Pro variants, of course, offer a few more gems for the most demanding: Let’s go and discover them all.

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iPhone 13: the iconic device destined to reign

The basic variants of this year are 2: iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. The two smartphones share the same characteristics. The only thing that changes is the size of the display. iPhone 13 mini, the smallest of this year, is equipped with an OLED display from 5.4 inches. iPhone 13 instead mounts a display from 6.1 inch. As already mentioned, the design remains very similar to that of the predecessors. Finally, the notch becomes smaller thanks to a repositioning of the speaker. The display is 28% brighter than that of the predecessor.

The processor is the performer Apple A15 Bionic. Thanks to its 5 nanometer architecture, it guarantees performance never seen before on a smartphone. The rear camera is dual again. Change the design with a diagonal setup and internal sensors. From now on, photos taken with your iPhone will be even more amazing! From the video point of view, the new “Cinematic mode” arrives which allows you to obtain unprecedented video content. In practice, thanks to it, the iPhone automatically focuses on subjects during shooting. The result is something breathtaking. The battery keeps getting better! That of the new iPhone 13 mini lasts 1 and a half longer than that of the iPhone 12 mini. That of the new iPhone 13, on the other hand, lasts 2 and a half hours longer than that of the iPhone 12.

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iPhone 13 Pro: the smartphone for those who don’t give up on anything

Also this year Apple has not given up on the Pro variants for demanding users. Available in 2 variants: iPhone 13 Pro with 6.1-inch OLED display and iPhone 13 Pro Max with 6.7-inch OLED display. The Pros are the devices that combine premium materials with high-level technical features. Like the basic variants, these also have a small notch thanks to the repositioning of the speaker.

From a performance standpoint, they are also supported by the new ones A15 Bionic chip. The Pro models, however, have a 5-core GPU that guarantees a graphical performance never seen before on a smartphone. Big news regarding the display. After a long wait, Apple has decided to bring the much loved ProMotion display on iPhone. As of now, Pro models are equipped with Retina displays that have the ability to achieve a 120 Hz refresh rate.

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The photo sensors are completely renewed. Pro models now offer photographic performance never seen before on an iPhone. A new feature called “Photographic styles” comes into play that helps users get professional shots in line with their needs. Of course, the videos are no exception. From a battery standpoint, the results are impressive. That of the iPhone 13 Pro guarantees 1 and a half hours more than that of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max guarantees 2 and a half hours more than that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iPhone 13: when do they arrive on the market and how much do they cost?

This year there seems to be no delay on the launch of the new iPhone. In fact, all models can be booked starting from Friday 17 September. Arrival in stores is scheduled for Friday 24th September. Prices remain in line with those of last year:

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For more information on the devices, please refer to Apple official website.