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iPhone 13: BOE’s OLED panels fail Apple quality tests

iPhone 13: BOE’s OLED panels fail Apple quality tests

Despite the iPhone 12 have arrived on the market for a very short time, Apple is already thinking about the future iPhone 13. For several weeks, the company has started a series of tests with the BOE manufacturer for the supply of OLED panels for the next iPhone by phones. After several attempts, the company’s panels have not yet passed the Cupertino quality tests. What will the consequences be?

Cupertino really hopes to diversify the production chain of iPhone OLED panels. At the moment, all the iPhone units are fitted with panels from Samsung and LG. For some time now, the house has been betting BOE as a possible third party supplier. Too bad, however, that this manages to catch up with Apple’s high standards.

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iPhone 13: who will produce the OLED panels?

Next year, Apple will again propose 4 devices with OLED displays. Two of these, the Pro, will mount a display equipped with LTPO technology, which will allow the arrival of the much requested 120 Hz refresh rate (ProMotion). BOE was supposed to be one of the main suppliers of these panels. According to what was reported by the TheElecHowever, the company would once again fail Apple’s quality tests. This, of course, means that the bitten apple will again have to rely on LG and Samsung.

All is not lost. It seems in fact that Apple will give BOE another couple of chances before the mass production of the new iPhonephones begins. Will the company be able to pass the quality checks? We will find out very soon. Look forward to any updates in this regard.

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Ph. Credit: Apple.com