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iPhone 12: The A14 chip beats the Snapdragon 865 big time

iPhone 12: The A14 chip beats the Snapdragon 865 big time

Apple has managed to outdo itself this year. The new iPhone 12, unlike forecasts, are real beasts from the point of view of performance. The first benchmarks show scores clearly higher than those of the iPhone 11 and those of the most powerful Android smartphones. Here are all the details about it.

Yes, it seems that the scores leaked online a few weeks ago were wrong. Those registered by new iPhone 12 in the past few hours on the Geekbench 5 platform they really leave you speechless. We can officially say that Cupertino’s new smartphones are the most powerful on the market.

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The slap in the face of Android devices comes, once again, pretty strong. The new iPhone 12 scored 1593 in single core and 3859 in multi core. We are talking about a score clearly higher than that of the iPhone 11 Pro Max (1334 points in single core and 3517 points in multi core). I also suspect that the chip Snapdragon 865 (the one mounted on the most powerful Android smartphones on the market) was more powerful than the A14 has been completely averted. Its scores barely come close to those of the iPhone 11 Pro.

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Recall that the first iPhone 12 models, 6.1-inch basic version and 6.1-inch Pro version, have arrived on the market today. Video comparisons between the various smartphones will soon be published online. Will this be able to maintain the comparison even in reality? Look forward to any updates in this regard.

Ph. Credit: Apple.it