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iPhone 12 Pro: the first benchmarks of the new iPhone by arrive

iPhone 12 Pro: the first benchmarks of the new iPhone by arrive

Last 13 October, Apple has removed the veils on its new iPhone, the iPhone 12. Unlike in other years, this time the house did not stop to make performance comparisons between the new generation and the previous one. So what everyone is asking is: “how much more powerful is iPhone 12 than iPhone 11? “ In the past few hours, the first benchmark scores of the Pro variants have been published. Here is what emerged.

The scores we are talking about today have been published on the well-known platform Geekbench. Although these are only the first results, we can say that they are more than enough to get an idea of ​​the power of the new A14 Bionic chips. Let’s find out all the details about it.

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iPhone 12 Pro is about 25% more powerful than the previous generation

The benchmark scores published on the Geekbench platform in the past few hours speak for themselves. The new iPhone 12 Pro scored a 1597 points in single-core and of 4152 points in multi-core. Let’s talk about aabout 25% increase compared to the scores scored by the iPhone 11 Pro. A similar speech can also be made for the Pro Max variants, this year’s top-of-the-range iPhone phones recorded values ​​of 20-25% higher than those recorded by the previous generation.

The first results of the A14 Bionic chip appear to be very promising. As announced by Apple, iPhone 12 could truly be the most powerful smartphone in the world. For official confirmations on the real performance of the devices and on the actual differences compared to previous generations, of course, we will have to wait for the official debut. Look forward to all updates on this.

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Ph. Credit: Apple.com