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iPhone 12 mini: users complain of a problem in the lock screen!

iPhone 12 mini: users complain of a problem in the lock screen!

Despite the new iPhone 12 mini both on the market for just a few days, users have already identified a very annoying problem that plagues it. Practically, the device display does not respond correctly to touch commands when on the lock screen. What is the cause of the problem? Let’s try to understand it together.

Like any self-respecting latest generation iPhone, the 12 mini also has its own characteristic problem. This time, however, the inconvenience turns out to be particularly ambiguous. Several users who own the new iPhone 12 mini have complained about the poor, or even absent, touch sensitivity of the display within the lock screen. What will Apple say about it?

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iPhone 12 mini: will Apple solve the touch problem?

The complaints come from several users. Everyone has the same problem: iPhone 12 mini’s display does not correctly perceive touch commands when on the lock screen. To shed light on the problem, the well-known site MacRumors. The devices show the error, particularly, when you try to unlock them by swiping your finger from the bottom to the other or when you try to activate the camera and flashlight via the relative virtual buttons. Although there are still no official confirmations, many have thought that it could be a conductivity problem. The problems, in fact, disappear once the device is connected to a power source or is used without a cover.

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At the moment, Apple has not yet said a word on the matter. What appears to be certain is that it will do so shortly (considering the high number of complaints). We remind you that the problem affects the smartphone only when it is on the lock screen. On all other occasions, the display works without a hitch. Whether it’s a simple software bug that can be fixed with an update? Look forward to all updates on this.

Ph. Credit: Apple.it