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iOS 16 will finally have Always-On Display


iOS 16 will finally have Always-On Display

Apple will be making some changes to its mobile operating system, and judging by the amount of information about Apple that has reached us today, both on the software and hardware fronts, it is clear that something is cooking inside the company’s offices. In this case, as we read on Engadget, iOS 16 will finally have a feature that basically all the competition has: Always On Display.

This feature, for those who are not aware, allows us to have the screen on semi-permanently with very low power consumption, something that will allow us to see key information such as some important notifications, the date and time, and the battery level of our terminal without having to activate our smartphone.

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Although it may seem that this is an unnecessary battery consumption, the savings really come from parts that we do not even see, like not having to bring the processor to a higher power state as it is a system that works in states of energy of very low consumption.

Additionally, there will be other terminal lock screen changessomething that users will appreciate, while there is also speculation about the possibility of improve multitasking and application windows performance, allowing its dimensions to be changed.