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iOS 16 obsesses users and it is not for less. 11 things that could change our iPhone forever

iOS 16 obsesses users and it is not for less. 11 things that could change our iPhone forever

With WWDC 2022 just around the corner, the focus is on the new iPhone operating system. We are talking about iOS 16, which is already obsessing users, and it is not for less, because there are many things that could change our iPhone forever.

Health, Sleep, redesigns and notification management

With a new operating system, Apple introduces new features that change the way we use our devices. However, for some reason, it seems that iOS 16 will bring more changes than usual. One of the biggest is a lock screen upgrade. An improvement that is linked to the possibility that this year’s iPhone 14 Pro have an always-on screen.

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According to Gurman, we would see an improved lock screen with some wallpapers that would have “widget-like capabilities,” which will also become interactive. A somewhat cryptic statement, but most interesting considering how little this section of our iPhone has changed in recent years.

We also expect there to be a more social component to the Messages app, with a focus on voice messages. At the same time, we will see improvements in the Health app. Improvements, mainly, that will improve sleep tracking and medication management. A function that could even allow us to scan the medicine containers in the app to add information, schedule shots, etc.

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Notifications are another point that will see a substantial change. According to Gurman, iOS 16 will bring “significant” improvements to notifications, but we don’t have any further details. The truth is that we already saw a more than substantial change in notifications with the arrival of iOS 15 last year.

We saw the arrival of concentration states and notification summaries, for example. In this sense, talking about significant improvements invites us to think about big changes in this area, perhaps in the form of more functions to manage our notifications or in a redesign of the tools we already have.

Emergency communications, new applications and more

As for emergency communications, we expect the iPhone 14 to be able to detect vehicle collisions and call emergencies automatically, something that could well come to other iOS 16 phones. The new operating system could also bring support for satellite communication in emergency case.

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Last but not least, iOS 16 would bring a new interaction system. We completely do not know what this rumor can refer to, but, without a doubt, it seems one of the great changes that will come with the new operating system. Along with that, we expect, according to Gurman, “new apps from apple” although we don’t know which ones either.

As a whole, we are facing an update that, as we have started by saying, can bring important changes to our iPhone. An update of which we will know all the details this coming Monday at 7:00 p.m. and that we can start testing in beta during the summer.