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iOS 16: here is the list of compatible iPhones


iOS 16: here is the list of compatible iPhones

Apple has finally unveiled the long-awaited iOS 16. The new iPhone operating system is packed with amazing features. From the customization functions of the lock screen to the new security settings, the iPhone becomes smarter than ever. The update will be available to the public this fall, however, not all models that support iOS 15 will also support iOS 16. Which iPhone was left behind?

Apple is famous for being one of the few companies that provides software updates to its devices for several years after its release. iOS 15, for example, can be installed on iPhone 6s (released in 2015!) and later. IOS 16 is also supported by older iPhones, but inevitably, Apple has had to cut out some models.

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iOS 16: Which iPhones are supported and which are not

We have already mentioned that iOS 16 brings to the field a series of big news for the iPhone. Many older iPhones, due to the underpowered chip, would not cope well with the new features. For this reason, Apple has decided to remove support for some models. The company has recently released the official list of devices compatible with iOS 16:

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As can be seen from the list, Apple has decided to cut out 6 devices which, on the other hand, support iOS 15. These are:

Ph. Credit: Apple.com