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iOS 14 blocks Covid-19 contact tracking in Europe


iOS 14 blocks Covid-19 contact tracking in Europe

In the last few hours, the public beta of iOS 14 has made a lot of talk about itself due to a particular bug that afflicts all European users. It seems, in fact, that the beta makes it impossible to activate Covid-19 contact tracking on apps that use the Cupertino API in Europe. Numerous complaints from users. How will Apple act?

The first betas of a big update like iOS 14 are always full of more or less serious bugs. It is for this reason that downloading is often not recommended unless strictly necessary. The Cupertino giant is aware of the problem and is doing everything possible to solve everything as quickly as possible.

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iOS 14: A new beta will fix the contact tracking bug

Well yes, at the moment all European users with the iOS 14 public beta installed on their iPhones cannot use the Covid-19 tracking apps. In fact, if you try to activate the “Covid-19 exposure data collection” function within the settings, the words “not available in your area“. We all know very well that this is not true. Cupertino has confirmed that this is a bug. The house is already working on a new version of the system that puts an end to the problem.

In the next few days, therefore, we expect the company of the bitten apple to release a new public beta of iOS 14. Obviously, we will keep you informed of all the news that this will bring to the field. Look forward to any updates in this regard.