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iOS 14: Apple finally releases the first public beta

iOS 14: Apple finally releases the first public beta

After releasing a new developer beta a few days ago, Apple has finally decided to also launch the first public beta of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. From now on, even normal users can preview the news of the new software update. Let’s find out all the details about it.

iOS 14 was unveiled by Apple during WWDC 2020. Since then, many have wondered when the first public beta would arrive. Surprisingly, in the past few hours, Cupertino has decided to release it. In this article we are going to see what is the procedure to follow to download the update on your iPhone or iPad.

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iOS 14: here’s how to get it before the official launch

iOS 14, like iPadOS 14, brings to the field a myriad of innovations for the devices of the bitten apple. Among the most anticipated features, the Home screen widgets, the new Siri and App Library. From today, even users who are not enrolled in the developer program can try the update in preview. All you have to do is sign up for the Apple official site reserved for the free beta testing program. Just follow the wizard to have the new iOS 14 on your device in a few minutes.

It is highly recommended to back up your data before proceeding to download the update. We remind you, in fact, that since it is a beta, unusual bugs may occur. The one released in the past few hours is only the first of a series of public betas coming out. When will the second come? Look forward to all the updates about it.