Ion Upgrade Kits for Zotac Plates

This add-on card, which unfortunately requires a fan, can be mounted on any Zotac motherboard, and we understand any other manufacturer’s, that has a PCI Express 1x port or better. This severely limits the bandwidth to the northbridge of the motherboard chipset but still maintains the ability to add that hardware input to high definition video playback that is what we all normally look for in the Nvidia Ion.

This new card, with a low profile format, adapts to all types of HTPC solutions, including the most compact ones, integrating VGA, DVI and also HDMI 1.3a connectors with 8-channel sound integrated in the same connector. Like any other Ion chip (9400m) this unit has 16 texture units, 512MB of DDR3 memory with a 64-Bit bus and support for DX10, CUDA, etc. The motherboards for which this extension is intended are: ZOTAC NM10-ITX, NM10-DTX, NF610i-ITX, GF6100-ITX.

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