Ion 2 will use Optimus

The new Intel Atom processors integrate a graphics chipset into the CPU, specifically the GMA 3150 that Nvidia will take advantage of to take advantage of its new Optimus technology. Nvidia has pulled an ace up its sleeve now that a full Nvidia chipset is no longer necessary but rather Ion2 will simply use a dedicated graphics chip.

The new Geforce GT218 will allow much higher graphics acceleration than Intel’s integrated graphics but will also allow it to maintain low power consumption when its features are not required. Optimus technology allows you to swap the graphics card in use in real time depending on the applications you are using. It is programmed at the driver level, the user does not need to manipulate anything, and it will allow the new Ion2 laptops and desktops to maintain low consumption levels except when full power is required.

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Acer has been the first to announce the availability of this technology, which will surely arrive during the month of April, in its new Aspire One 532G Netbook. This new model will weigh 1Kg, will have a 3G modem option, and will be officially presented during CeBit.