Intel will stop making motherboards

Although in a market dominated by companies such as ASUS or Gigabyte such as Intel motherboards in recent years it has not particularly stood out (unlike in its early days), it is still striking that the main manufacturer of desktop processors leave the motherboard market. However, it will not do so immediately, it is expected that the company’s latest series of motherboards will be the ones that will accompany the new Haswell series of processors, so for the next 3 years after the launch of the new generation of processors it will continue to launching and marketing this type of products.

The main reason for this decision is to dedicate itself to further promoting the market for devices such as NUCs, the company’s small integrated computers, as well as to gain a foothold in the growing market for mobile devices such as SmartPhones and tablets, or even Ultrabooks. In principle, this will not lead to immediate redundancies as it will redistribute the staff dedicated to the motherboard section between the different departments.

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Motherboards manufactured so far will continue to be supported throughout the warranty period.