Intel today introduced its Z68 chipset

This gives life to new graphics virtualization solutions to take advantage of the strengths of both the processor graphics and any graphics that we decide to incorporate into the system. The chipset also adds more overclocking possibilities for non-K series processors and other hybrid technologies such as SSD Cache that allows you to use an SSD to increase the performance of our mechanical drives with full transparency to the operating system.

Models like the new ASUS P8Z68 series (in the photo we see a P8Z68-V Pro) will have configurations for multiple graphics, Intel network card integration, Bluetooth overclocking, overclocking for BLK and iGPU, hybrid graphics technologies, dual USB controller 3.0 etc

  IDF 2012. Intel Rosepoint. CPU and WiFi on the same low power chip

This chipset comes out of the box completely corrected, everything we will find in stores is a B3 revision, and its prices, for now, seem to indicate that we are facing a new high-end with high prices. We will have to wait a while for this chipset to be placed at realistic prices.