Intel SSD 320 series

Intel’s new generation of mid-range drives comes in the form of a new series, the 320, which will have storage capacities from 40 to 600GB with intermediate options of 80, 120, 160 and 300GB.

Intel promises with the use of 25nm memories cheaper prices and better performance. Reading speeds are increased to 270MB/s (we are talking about disks with SATA 3gbps interface) and 130MB/s writing. They support TRIM, integrated 128-Bit hardware encryption, and more than 20,000 data I/O operations per second.

The output format of these discs is 2.5” but 1.8” models are also expected for more mobile solutions. Its availability will be practically immediate and the prices range between 85 Euros, in the 40Gb model, and 1000 Euros for the higher capacity model, with the most attractive offers being in the 120 GB models with very interesting prices of around 180 Euros.

  The first official images of an Intel XE graphics card appear in the form of a render