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install the new APK 21.10.0 on Android

install the new APK 21.10.0 on Android

As of July of the current year, WhatsApp Plus launched its version 21.10.0 which brings some interesting news, so in this note we will tell you how to install the new APK on your Android phone.

The wait of thousands of Internet users ended with the arrival of the 21.10.0 update of the Metamod “pirate” app, which released some interesting versions in the course of last June.

To install the new WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android smartphone, first of all, you must find a secure web portal to download version 21.10.0, since being a mod you cannot download it from the official virtual stores.

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This forces users to resort to external websites, which greatly increases the risk of downloading malware to their mobile device. Our recommendation is to download the 21.10.0 update from Computer Group, Mala Vida, APKilimitado or AndroForever.

Once you choose which portal you are going to download the WhatsApp APK from, the next thing you should do is uninstall the original Meta application from your cell phone, since otherwise the modified application will not be able to run. To do this, it is best to do it from the virtual store.

Now, having completely got rid of WhatsApp, you will now proceed to download WhatsApp Plus version 21.10.0. Then, you will let your smartphone install the instant messaging platform.

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After WhatsApp Plus has been successfully installed, you will follow the same steps that you followed when, with your mobile number, you registered your WhatsApp account and voila! You will have version 21.10.0 of the Meta “hack” app installed.

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Finally, remember that our most important recommendation will always be to avoid having this type of app installed and downloaded on your mobile devices, since these can bring you different types of problems, including that your information and personal data are compromised, as well as suspension. permanently from your WhatsApp account, so you would have to change your phone number or use another instant messaging platform.