In PlayStation they reject Xbox Game Pass again as a business to follow and explain their reasons

The company will soon release a reworked PS Plus, but it’s still staying away from Microsoft’s idea.

Although Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus, in their two higher levels, give access to a wide catalog of video games, the ambition of those responsible for launches is quite different. The latest proof of this comes from the mouth of Hiroki Totoki, financial director of Sony, who wanted to make clear the consequences for the company at a creative level of betting on a business model similar to that of Microsoft.

I will avoid commenting on the competitor’s strategy. Hiroki Totoki “I will avoid commenting on the competitor’s strategies,” said the CFO during the most recent talk with the multinational’s shareholders. “Our current idea is to have adequate development costs and investments in R&D to offer quality products, capable of improving the platform and our business in the long term. If we were to distribute triple-A games on PS5 through subscription services, we may have to reduce the investment required, with a corresponding deterioration in their quality,” he added.

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In this way, Hiroki Totoki makes it clear again that, today, from PlayStation they see it as impractical to maintain a service like Xbox Game Pass, since doing so could lead to a general drop in investment in its catalog of exclusives.

In the passage it was Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, who expressed his position against betting on a business model like that of Phil Spencer’s company. “Developing games costs many millions of dollars, some more than 100, and we do not see it as something sustainable,” he declared shortly before the launch of PS5.

Yesterday a loss of PS Plus subscribers was reported, although the Japanese company hopes to grow again very soon. And in the background the PS5 distribution data, greatly affected by the global supply crisis.

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