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In Congress they ask to spread PC programs before earthquakes


In Congress they ask to spread PC programs before earthquakes

The General Directorate of Civil Protection and the 217 municipal systems must design and disseminate prevention programs to safeguard people’s lives in the event of an earthquake, stated Deputy Guadalupe Yamak Taja, from Morena.

The foregoing, during the ordinary session this Friday in the Puebla Congress, where the legislator presented a proposal with a point of agreement to urge the state agency and the municipal governments to carry out such actions.

He pointed out the urgency of having a hazard awareness program that is disseminated in the media, social networks and through information meetings in the most dangerous areas.

The point of agreement turned to the Civil Protection Commission for analysis and resolution.

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urge Puebla to extend grace period for parking meters

The Deputy Adolfo Alatriste Cantú proposed the implementation of actions and campaigns such as the “Safe Operational Backpack”, in order to promote a safe environment in schools. The point turned to the Education Commission.

Deputy María Yolanda Gámez Mendoza presented a point of agreement, in terms of mobility, for the Puebla City Council to carry out traffic operations, with the aim of preventing public transport drivers, motorists and motorcyclists from exceeding the speed.

For his part, Deputy Iván Herrera Villagómez urged the mayor of Puebla to consider extending the period of adequacy of the parking meter program in the Historic Center, for at least two months. Both things The petitions will be analyzed and discussed by the Municipal Affairs Commission.

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Meanwhile, Deputy Aurora Sierra Rodríguez presented a point of agreement addressed to the municipal president of San Pedro Cholula, to comply with the obligations of transparency and make public the information specified in the law. The proposal was delivered to the Transparency and Access to Information Commission.

The board of directors of the State Congress is delivered to the Commission on the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change and the Commission on Municipal Affairs, the point of agreement of the deputy Daniela Mier Bañuelos addressed to the Puebla City Council to initiate an environmental mitigation plan, treatment and final disposal of waste in the chiltepeque landfill.

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In addition, the deputy Nora Merino Escamilla presented a point of agreement to guarantee the right to rest of paid women, the first day of menstruation, which was transferred to the Labor, Competitiveness and Social Welfare Commission, in conjunction with the Equality Commission of genre.

Finally, the request of Deputy Nancy Jiménez Morales for the State Attorney General’s Office to carry out an investigation with a gender perspective of Mrs. María Benita N., originally from the municipality of Yaonáhuac, was delivered to the Commission for the Prosecution and Administration of Justice to its analysis and resolution.

Edited by Istfan A.C.