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i RAM. The fastest gigabyte drive

i RAM. The fastest gigabyte drive

The I-RAM is nothing more than an adapter to use DDR memory as if it were a hard drive. The board recognizes it as such and therefore we can install any operating system on it at tremendously higher speeds than those of the most powerful hard drive of the moment.

The interface used is the Serial ATA, the durability of the product has been looked at. It mounts 4 banks of DDR memory, speeds up to PC3200, although it develops the same speed regardless of the speed of the modules, with a capacity of up to 8GB in total. This makes it a speed solution but not a huge storage one.

  520 grams of aluminum will protect and ventilate our hard drive in the Thermaltake SilverRiver

The heart of the I-RAM is a Xilinx Spartan FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) that converts IDE commands into random access memory access instructions. And yes, being volatile memory, we would lose the data when turning off the PC, so the I-RAM incorporates a Li-Ion battery capable of safeguarding the data for 16 hours with the computer turned off.

This new system is capable of booting Windows XP 13 times faster than a conventional 7200rpm drive. But that if it will have to be a PC that we use a lot because if not less than a day out of use and our system disappears without any possibility of recovery.