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Hyperloop already exists but it’s not as Elon Musk imagined it

Hyperloop already exists but it’s not as Elon Musk imagined it

In these hours a company called Hyperloop One made history. About four years after the day Elon Musk has published its plans, the company in question has set a new speed record by touching 200 miles per hour in its test circuit just outside Las Vegas.

This is a remarkable achievement, even more astonishing when you consider how implausible this project was considered at the outset. When Elon Musk first announced his plans, few analysts thought that within four years we would see a fully functional prototype. And we specify that it is a means developed without the direct involvement of Mister Tesla.

Hyperloop is already a reality

Hyperloop One is facing complex business challenges, but what it has achieved so far is still to be appreciated. The company has transformed the long-talked-about technology into a true prototype capable of doing everything Musk envisioned. four years ago. Almost.

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If we compare the system used in Las Vegas with the original design, we can see numerous trade-offs. The prototype in question has in fact taken on the characteristics of a very fast train and this has led to numerous questions about the real advantage of the new technology over the means of transport currently in use.

The vehicle initially envisioned by Musk was the size of a bob – the ones we see whizzing at full speed during the Winter Olympics, so to speak – capable of carrying three passengers in a row without additional extra space. Also, the tubes through which the prototype passes are not raised as the South African-born entrepreneur would have liked.

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Almost 200 miles per hour192 to be exact, equal to 310 kilometers per hour, a respectable speed achieved within a 500 meters long pipe but we are still far from the over 603 km / h that the Japanese magnetic levitation train travels so there is still a lot of work to do.

The pod, 8.7 meters longresembles a subway train and is significantly larger than Musk imagined, another aspect not initially evaluated concerns the possibility of removing the pods from the pipe, safety is certainly not an irrelevant aspect and it is reasonable to expect other significant changes compared to the initial plans.

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Source: theverge.com