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Huawei Honor 7 with 4GB of ram and 13 megapixel camera

Huawei Honor 7 with 4GB of ram and 13 megapixel camera

Recent rumors claim that Huawei Honor 7 will be one of the next 2015 smartphones of the Chinese company with a lot of ram and a high-level multimedia sector.

Huawei is quietly working on some new smartphones to be presented during 2015 that will be part of the Honor series, or the new brand of mobile devices that are also sold internationally but only through official online commercial channels.

One such smartphone would be theHuawei Honor 7which could appear on the market as early as the end of June this year with a cheaper version and towards the end of July with an obviously more expensive “premium” version.

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Huawei Honor 7 “normal” and “premium”: the difference

Both the “economic” or normal version and the more expensive or “premium” version will have substantially the same hardware enclosed in an aluminum body; the only difference between the two variants should be the amount of ram memory.

In fact, the “premium” version should have 1 GB of RAM more than the “normal” version, ie 4 GB for the more expensive model and 3 GB for the “economic” model.

Huawei Honor 7 in general (therefore for both variants) would have a 5-inch diagonal display with FHD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, while the heart of the device would most likely be the Kirin 935 chipset designed and produced directly by the Chinese company.

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The internal memory both in the model with 4GB or 3GB of ram should be 16GB, which could be expandable thanks to the presence of the microSD slot, although in the latter case there are still no certainties.

On a multimedia level, the situation should interest photography enthusiasts, since Huawei Honor 7 would use a rear camera with a 13 megapixel sensor, autofocus, LED flash and optical image stabilizer.

Huawei also seems to have thought about guaranteeing a good level of autonomy with this smartphone; In fact, Honor 7 should mount a 3280 mAh battery, more than enough even for the most demanding users.

As expected operating system Android 5 Lollipop modified with the customized interface of Huawei Emotion 3.0, even if there is the probability that the software version may be further updated before the official debut of the device.

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Huawei Honor 7, as already mentioned, should debut on paper towards the end of June, at least in China, at a list price of 1999 Yuan (or about $ 322) for the 3GB version of RAM, while the version ” premium ”4GB of RAM is expected to cost 2699 Yuan, or about US $ 435.

The price difference seems to us quite high considering that we are only talking about an extra GB of ram; perhaps between the “normal” and the “premium” model there are other small differences (such as the presence or absence of the fingerprint scanner) that will be revealed only at the time of their official announcement.