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Huawei: CEO says 6/8 GB of RAM is a waste

Huawei: CEO says 6/8 GB of RAM is a waste

During these years, many devices produced by international brands such as Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Huawei itself have been released with 6 GB of RAM. In 2017 the rush to release one with 8 GB appears to be open, but we really need it?

The answer is no, at least according to Huawei’s chief executive. In fact, the CEO Lao Shion his Weibo verified page, expressed his opinion in a post disagreement towards smartphones with 6 GB of RAM. According to what it says, 4GB of RAM are quite for smooth performance.

He also adds that he has compared his devices with a Kirin 960 processor + 4 GB of RAM with the devices of competing companies that have 6 GB of RAM by doing various tests, and the result may surprise you, but the Huawei devices perform better.

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Lao Shi argues that it’s all about optimization level with the operating system, and also cites an example of how the OS doesn’t need too much RAM to run smoothly.

He continues his speech, saying that the competition between the various manufacturers to make the smartphone with more RAM can be compared to the nuclear weapons race between Russia and the USA during the Cold War.

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Surely the CEO of the famous Chinese house does not want to mean that smartphones with 6 or 8 GB of RAM are poor quality. Even Huawei itself produces 6 GB devices, but the point of the speech concerns the cost of the 2 GB extra, which obviously weigh on the production, causing theprice increase.