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HTC One M9 in 24ct gold will commemorate the Champions League final

HTC One M9 in 24ct gold will commemorate the Champions League final

Luxury and technology are a duo that very often do not get along, at least from a consumer point of view. Sometimes, however, this couple can be used to promote or celebrate something important. In fact, that’s exactly what HTC is doing.

Since the release of HTC One M7, the Taiwanese giant has always made a special version of the flagship smartphone in 24 karat gold. Obviously this is always a limited edition production, also because there are not many wealthy users who wish to spend thousands of euros for the purchase of such a terminal. The same thing will also happen for HTC One M9 which, however, instead of being “simply in gold”, in order to celebrate its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions Leaguewill be made in a limited edition on the occasion of the final that will be played tomorrow 6 June in Berlin between FC Barcelona vs Juventus.

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It represents the highest expression of European football, especially after the scandal involving FIFA. The technical characteristics of HTC One M9 Champions League Edition they should be the same as the original version. Obviously, only the body will change, instead of the aluminum used in the version we all know, there will be 24-karat gold.

Unfortunately, HTC has not at the moment made known anything about the marketing of this variant, the sale price it will have or how many pieces it will be made. All we know is the photograph you see at the beginning of the article, published on the official HTC Facebook page. Most likely everything will be announced tomorrow, on the occasion of the final.

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Entering the field of hypotheses, the selling price is unlikely to fall below 2000 euros, even considering the cost of the other gold versions that HTC has made in the past. Before leaving you, we would like to remind you that the new HTC One ME was recently presented, a top-of-the-range smartphone that looks like an HTC One M9 + but is equipped with slightly different hardware. For more information, we invite you to view our dedicated article.