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How YouTube outclassed Spotify in terms of popularity

How YouTube outclassed Spotify in terms of popularity

When we think about the best streaming music services, Spotify And Apple Music are probably the first two that come to mind. Other services that might come to mind also include Pandora, Deezer And Amazon Prime Music. Despite everything though YouTube and its two billion monthly active users it outclasses all the competition in terms of numbers and popularity. Sure, we’re talking about a video streaming service, but when it comes to music YouTube dominates Spotify and the like with mind-boggling numbers.

Today, Spotify has 320 million monthly customers, with 144 million users subscribing to one of the service’s premium plans. Spotify is available in 92 markets around the world. To put that into perspective, the world’s number two dedicated music service, Apple Music, has around 72 million subscribers. But if Spotify’s numbers are impressive, YouTube’s numbers are astounding.

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YouTube, the number one home of music

If we don’t count children’s songs as “music videos”, seven of the 10 best YouTube videos of all time are music videos. In fact, nearly all of the top 100 YouTube videos of all time are music videos. The great artists no longer debut their latest tracks on MTV, now that honor is reserved for YouTube. On the other hand we are talking about the second website in the world with over 30 million daily active users. Think about it every day at least 40 minutes of video they are watched by users via mobile device.

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We are therefore talking about a great reality that transports the video streaming service by law also in the music field. And if that is compared to major streaming music services like Spotify here is that the gap becomes abysmal. Different speech instead must be done for YouTube Music which still does not enjoy the same popularity as YouTube and when compared to other music services still remains unripe.

On the other hand YouTube Music is a novice service following in the footsteps of the much larger Spotify and Apple Music. YouTube proper, however, is so far ahead of any other service that, despite its focus on video, it will remain the number one destination for music until the foreseeable future.

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Image by Mizter_X94 from Pixabay