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How to watch streaming TV on Chromecast

How to watch streaming TV on Chromecast

Someone said: channels Streaming TV to Chromecast? Nothing simpler. Read on and find out how to turn your ChromeCast device into a real digital terrestrial receiver by simply using a smartphone application.

Watching TV streaming on Chromecast is possible. Let’s find out how

The dongle of Google it really offers a lot of cool features. These include the possibility of receive channels directly as if it were a real DVB-T digital terrestrial decoder. But what is a typical usage scenario? Why shouldn’t I just plug my TV into my home’s TV input? Because Chromecast does not require any physical connection to the antenna receiving apparatus nor the payment of expensive annual subscriptions. A solution that could prove useful in one of these possible cases. Certainly a strong incentive, given that to be able to exploit this principle you don’t need to spend a penny. That’s right, you got it right. All it can be done for free using an app free from mobile.

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You may be wondering how … let’s see it

Live TV streaming on Chromecast – Rai & Co.

Live Media Player (or alternatively the well known VLC) is a free app for Android and iPhone able to play any web link containing a video stream in the following formats: HTTP Progressive Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, RTMP, RTMPS, RTMPE, Real RTSP, Windows Media RTSP, MMS, MMSH, RTP and the .m3u /.m3u8 playlist links.

Despite the somewhat invasive advertising and the interface too oriented to an iOS layout, even on Android the app behaves very well and does what it promises. The search for channels can be done either manually (from the left menu by clicking on Open Stream) or using a specific one automatic internal search database (can be recalled from the menu on the right).

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Through the internal search engine (which reports in full the streams compatible with the app) the optimal functioning of the following TV channels was found:

We recommend the use of very specific keywords, especially when carrying out the manual search of channels. An example are; italy, ita, sport, football, rai etc …

Once you have chosen the channel to play, just select it and tap in the menu that will appear on “Play via Chromecast” to start playback on the Google dongle.

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Compatibility is ensured by the use of the universal codec MP4.

Enjoy your Chromecast. Stay tuned for news and new app releases.