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How to use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi modem

How to use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi modem

What to do if you find yourself in a situation where there is a dire need for a Wi-Fi connection for your pc or tablet, but none are available? Don’t despair, the answer is right under your nose: use your smartphone as a modem. Some of you do not know, in fact, that it is possible to use this device to connect other devices to the internet. How you do it? Let’s find out together.

The personal hotspot feature has been available on smartphones for a long time now. Thanks to this, it is possible to connect other devices (smartphones, PCs and tablets) to the internet via Wi-Fi. The activation process is really very simple on both iOS and Android devices. In this article, we are going to explain both of them in detail.

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Smartphone: here’s how to use it as a Wi-Fi modem

The personal hotspot function is usually offered free of charge by the various telephone operatorshowever, it is always good to check the terms of your rate to avoid running into unpleasant inconveniences. As already mentioned, activating the function is very simple on both iPhone and Android devices. Let’s find out how to do it in detail.

Activate Personal Hotspot on iPhone

  1. Open the device settings;
  2. Select the item “Personal Hotspot”;
  3. Activate the switch labeled “Allow others to access”;
  4. Choose a login password or use the one automatically generated by the device.
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Just select the Wi-Fi corresponding to the iPhone on the device with which we want to connect and enter the password to have an internet connection in effect.

Activate personal hotspot on Android smartphone

  1. Open the device settings;
  2. Select the item “Connection and sharing”;
  3. Set the switch labeled “Personal Hotspot” to “ON”;
  4. Select “Hotspot settings” to view the password and, if necessary, change it to one of your choice.

From here, the procedure for navigating is the same as already described for iOS devices.