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How to turn your cell phone into a PC mouse

How to turn your cell phone into a PC mouse

In this framework, Infobae brings another of the most useful functions of a cell phone, and it is like using a smartphone as a mouse for a PC or laptop. In addition, it will not matter if the user has an Android or iPhone smartphone, since both types of devices and operating systems allow turning the cell phone into a mouse for the computer.

The fundamental requirement to be able to carry it out is an Internet connection, which must be operational both on our phone and on the PC. However, in most cases, both the mobile and the PC must be connected to the same network before starting the process.

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what to consider

The main problem with turning any smartphone into a remote control for a computer is that this option requires the mobile screen to be constantly on; that is, the battery of this device will be consumed to a greater extent, so care must be taken so that it does not run out.

Therefore, it is only recommended to increase the screen inactivity time from the terminal settings if it is going to be used as a mouse. If this is the case, it will be better to set the value to at least 30 minutes, or if the smartphone allows it, never lock. This is how it can be configured on both operating systems:

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From iOS

In the case of the iPhone, the truth is that, by using the same Apple operating system, it will be much easier. Also, with the passing of iOS updates, the steps have not changed, so the following must be done:

– Access the iPhone Settings app.

– Click on the Display & Brightness tab.

– Tap on the Auto Lock option.

– Select the time or you can even set the option ‘Never’, so that the screen does not lock itself.

from Android

Within Android terminals, the option to change the time in which a touch panel remains active without turning off is more widespread between option and option. The bad news is that there is no way to make the device not turn off. However, the steps are quite similar:

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– Enter the Android mobile settings.

– Then go to the Display section.

– Click the screen timeout option.

– Depending on each software layer, different time options will be found.

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It’s worth noting that Remote Mouse doesn’t just serve as a replacement for your broken mouse; In case the keyboard of your computer is presenting failures (some key has been damaged), you can use the touch keyboard of the phone to write in programs such as Microsoft Word or others.