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How to show a photo on iPhone and not gossip to others

How to show a photo on iPhone and not gossip to others

Today we tell you how to show a photo to anyone, without them having the option to gossip more images, videos… that we have in our iPhone reel.

How to show a photo on iPhone and not leave it

Surely you have ever shown a photo to a friend and he, with all his face, has started to look at more photos and videos than you have in your reel… Right? Today, in one of our iOS Tutorials, we tell you how prevent this from happening and that you can only see the image or video that we want to show.

There are people who take a trust that is not convenient and after innocently leaving them our mobile, so that they can see a snapshot of us, they gossip about us. iPhone introducing other photos, videos… from the reel, and even accessing other apps… . This is something that Apple allows us to limit. We can overlay our devices so they can’t go where we don’t want them to go.

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How to leave the iPhone to a person to show a photo and not leave it:

thanks to the guided access function, we can do what we tell you. leaving the iPhone to any friend, family member, colleague… and not being able to get out of that photo, video… that we show you from our reel.

For this we have to configure the guided access as we explained in the link that we have put in the previous line. Once configured, we have to do the following:

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Interface that shows ONLY the photo we want to show

If it allows you to skip to other pictures and videos in the camera roll, please check before exiting the iPhone exit mode guided access by pressing 3 times on the power button, enter the password if you do not have face ID set to unlock automatically, and on the screen that will appear, press the “Options” button that appears at the bottom left of the screen.

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Disable “Touch” to prevent gossip

Now you have to disable the option. “Play”. This will prevent them from browsing our photos. Now you can click on “Resume” that appears on the top right of the screen, and lend your mobile to whoever you want without suffering if they see other photos or videos.

You see how easy.

To exit “Guided Access” follow the steps that we explain in the link that we have provided above.

We hope we have helped you and if you have any questions, ask us in the comments or on our social networks.