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how to remove this notice in chrome for android


how to remove this notice in chrome for android

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Android mobile applications have become very complex in recent years. A great example is Chrome, the browser that Google includes as standard in all Android mobiles that have company certificates, and that has hundreds of options, some of them very hidden.

Many of these configuration functions are hidden in those known as flags, commands that we told you about back in 2014. And that is where we can deactivate the necessary one so that the “Simplified page view” notice no longer appears.

How to remove the notice “View simplified page”

A reader asked us on Twitter how he could disable a notice that appeared on many web pages: “View simplified page.”

Normal view / Simplified view

This option is active by default in Chrome for Android and it jumps when it detects that the website in question does not load correctly or has some technology that is causing problems. What it does, as you can see in the image, is remove everything other than text, links, and photos to allow it to fully load.

However, if we do not want this warning to appear constantly, we can disable it in the Chrome flags. To do this we follow these steps.

When you finish you will see that the notice no longer appears, although it is possible that some websites that previously caused problems continue to cause them by not activating the simplified page.

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