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How to remove motion from iPhone photos?

How to remove motion from iPhone photos?


Save space on iPhone by deleting Live Photos before creating images that don’t need this feature.

Thanks to the iOS Live Photos feature, we can appreciate a few seconds of movement and sound in our images, before capturing the final result.

And although it is a functionality that we can take advantage of creatively, it is also one that takes up more storage space than a traditional photo. This disadvantage would be one of the main reasons to remove motion from iPhone photos. And perhaps, the same reason why the space on your iPhone seems insufficient.

Steps to remove motion from iPhone photos

iOS offers the option to disable Live Photos

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Since Live Photos is a default feature on newer iPhones, some users may believe that it cannot be turned off. However, Apple offers an alternative that only requires some changes in the configuration of our device as we will see shortly.

Disabling the movement of iPhone photos makes a significant difference in the storage required. On an iPhone 13, a photo with Live Photos occupies approximately 13 megabytes. Of this sum, 5 megabytes correspond to the still image and another 8 megabytes to the video file. So turning the feature off would save about 8 megabytes per file.

When removing motion from iPhone photos, we can choose to do it before a particular photo or series of photos, or turn it off permanently.

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To temporarily disable Live Photos on iPhone, we need to follow these steps:

Live Photos generates a video seconds before making the final image

With this change, the next time you launch the Camera app again, the Live Photo feature will automatically turn back on.

To make sure to permanently disable Live Photos we must follow the following steps:

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Motion from iPhone photos can be removed temporarily or permanently

Turning off Live Photos saves a lot of space on iPhone

This change will preserve Live Photos settings in the Camera app, between sessions, for an unlimited amount of time. And in case you want to activate it again, then it will be enough to press the Live Photos icon in the camera toolbar.

Turning off live photos we will notice that there is more space for photos available on the iPhone and we will save any extra charge for expanding the storage space in iCloud.

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