How to put Among Us in Spanish on Android, iOS and PC

Do you want to play Among Us in Spanish Changing the language of this game is the easiest thing in the world.

Among Us, the casual game that is currently very fashionable, comes by default in the English language. However, changing it to your native language is much easier than you might think. For the same reason, today we will explain how to put Among Us in Spanish and play with Spanish speakers on Android, iOS and PC.

Undoubtedly, the language is key so that you can have a good experience with this addictive title developed by Innersloth. Also, the process is much easier than you probably imagine.

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How to change the language of Among US to Spanish

How to change the language in Among Us

Putting Among US in Spanish is very simple. It is also necessary to point out that the process is carried out in the same way on both mobile phones and computers. So, if you want to change the default language of the game, follow these steps:

  • The first thing you need to do is open the game. If you don’t have it installed yet, take a look at this article that explains everything you need to know about Among Us.

  • When you open it, don’t press online or local to start a game. Tap the gear button located at the bottom to enter the game settings.

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Change the language of Among Us to Spanish

  • After entering the game settings, tap above where it says “Data”.

Languages ​​available in Among Us

It does! In this section you can change the language of Among Us to Spanish. As you have seen, it is a process that will not take you more than five minutes. If you don’t understand much English, this game setting will be very useful for you.

How to play between the United States only with Spanish-speaking players

Among Us has a fun voting system where you have to use a chat to try and guess who the impostors are. In this part of the game, the killer is discovered and innocent people are unjustly killed. Without a doubt, this is the most fun that Among Us has.

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Since everything is done through chat, it is important that the players speak your language. So if you only want to play with Spanish-speaking players, you will have to do the following:

Create a game with Spanish speakers

  • Tap where it says Create Game.

  • When you go to create a game, be sure to change the language from “Chat” to “English”. Why? Why in this part of the configuration configure the language of the chat, the one in which the other players who join your room will speak to you.

Chat languages ​​in Among Us

Ready! That’s all you have to do if you want to play with people who only speak Spanish. Did you notice? It’s a really simple process and it also takes a few minutes.

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If you like this addictive casual game, you should also check out this article that explains how to create private games in Among Us to play with friends. Are you looking for a way to take this experience to another level? Then check out which are the best phones to play Among Us, powerful and with a good battery!

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