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How to protect your WhatsApp account to avoid hacking? | android | iPhone | WPP | | tutorials

How to protect your WhatsApp account to avoid hacking? | android | iPhone | WPP | | tutorials

both on Android and iOS WhatsApp is the most used messaging service to communicate with our contacts. However, being one of the most popular platforms on the Internet, it is also susceptible to being attacked by cybercriminals who intend to seize user information. For this reason, it is necessary to know all the security methods of the Meta application that will help us to put obstacles in the way of hackers and protect our account. Learn here what they are and how they work.

The main recommendations to prevent our WhatsApp account from falling into the hands of hackers is to avoid entering false promotions or clicking on links of dubious origin. However, we can also apply security features such as fingerprint and two-step verification that work on both an Android mobile and an iPhone. Next, we explain each one.

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fingerprint lock

The WhatsApp method that locks our account with a fingerprint is not only an additional layer of anti-hacker security, but also prevents third parties from violating the privacy of your chats. Follow these instructions to activate it:

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Two-Step Verification

For greater security, WhatsApp includes a two-step verification system among its functions, which is disabled by default. This tool is very interesting because to access your account you will need a PIN that only you know. To activate it, follow these instructions:

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How to use WhatsApp to know where you parked your car

If you thought that WhatsApp was only used to chat with your contacts, you will be fascinated. trick that we will present to you next. It turns out that, in addition to the functions to be able to communicate with our contacts, the Meta application has several elements that allow us to have a much more complete virtual experience compared to other platforms.

Because all mobile phones, both Android What iOS have the option of integrated GPS and a map application that can be easily activated, there is a method that can be applied in case you want to locate a location, such as the last place you left. parked the car. Here the details.

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WhatsApp: how to change the green icon for a red, blue, pink, among other colors

Since its inception, the WhatsApp icon has been green, a color that Android or iOS users can’t change so easily. Luckily, a trick has just become a trend that allows you to ‘paint’ it your favorite color or whatever you want. Here we are going to teach you.

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Steps to upload a long video on WhatsApp

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Remember that it is very important that you have the WhatsApp app updated to its latest version, as well as the operating system of your phone. The messaging application is constantly being updated, so every time you want to use this alternative, you’ll have to check if you don’t have any pending updates.

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WhatsApp: learn how to disable autocorrect on your Android device

The autocorrect is one of the most useful tools that the Meta app has, since it allows us to have quality spelling in our chats and also offers us the possibility of predicting the words that we want to write. However, for some Internet users this option is usually uncomfortable, so they prefer to deactivate it.

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Many Internet users are not aware of the steps that must be followed to deactivate it, because they believe that since it is an option that is activated by default, it is almost impossible to cancel it. Here more details.

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WhatsApp: why you shouldn’t use Getcontact to find out how your contacts recorded you

It’s no secret that Getcontact is the app of the moment when it comes to social networking. Currently, thousands of people on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, among other platforms, are talking about this software that allows you to know what name or nickname your WhatsApp contacts put in your phone’s address book. Is it safe to use Here we are going to tell you.

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Although most people think that Getcontact is a harmless application, the truth is that several cybersecurity companies have warned against its use, since it could steal your personal information. One of these companies has been Kaspersky, who made a post on his official blog, in which he gave details about the dangers. Here the details.