How to play Fortnite on iPhone through Microsoft’s XCloud

That’s how easy it is to be able to play Fortnite again with your iPhone or iPad.

iPhone players are the only ones who haven’t been able to enjoy Fortnite on their device for quite some time due to the open dispute between Epic Games and Apple, but luckily technology has advanced so much that they now have other alternatives to enjoy this playable experience. .

While NVIDIA’s GeForce Now service is available to these users, for days iPhone users have also had a new way to log in and play Fortnite thanks to the new partnership between Epic Games and Microsoft.

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Thanks to it, you can play Fortnite through Xbox Cloud Gaming Although it is still in beta, it is a way for iPhone users to join the Fortnite gaming experience.


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How to play Fortnite on iPhone through Xbox Cloud Gaming

As surely you are interested if you have an iPhone or an iPad, the first thing you need is to have your own Microsoft account, and obviously an Apple device. All of the above with a stable and high-speed Internet connection.

You don’t need the Xbox Game Pass service unless you obviously want to take advantage of other available games.

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Basically the only thing you have to do is from your iPhone or from your iPad access the cloud gaming site through the Safari browser and once you are inside it, at the bottom of the Safari interface, you must click on the central icon that is a kind of square with an arrow pointing up.

After that, a lot of options will appear and you need to select the “add to home screen” option. In this way we will have created a shortcut on our iPhone or iPad to this page.

Now you will simply have access to this page of the Microsoft cloud gaming site where you can get started by following all the instructions that will appear on the screen.

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Once you launch Fortnite, you will be prompted to link your Epic Games account if you wish.

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