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How to play Fortnite on iPhone, iPad and Mac

How to play Fortnite on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Since Apple has decided to ban Epic Games from the App Storeit is no longer possible to play its games on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Fortnite, which is undoubtedly the most popular video game from the house has remained inaccessible on Apple products for several months. As of today, it is still impossible to play Fortnite on iPhone, iPad and Mac using the official Epic Games channels. There are, however, alternatives that make it possible to achieve the same goal. Here’s what they are.

The first step towards Fortnite’s reappearance on Apple devices was taken by NVIDIA with its cloud gaming platform GeForce Now. Thanks to it, it is possible to play Fortnite from all Apple devices for free (with some limitations) or for a fee. A few days ago, one arrived even more interesting solution. Let’s find out together what it is.

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Fortnite for free on Appel devices thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming

Thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming it is possible to play Fortnite for free, without any limitations, on all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac). No Xbox Game Pass subscription is required to play! All you need is a Microsoft account, a compatible device (not necessarily Apple) and a good internet connection. Below, the procedure for using the service and playing Fortnite:

  1. Enter the official website of Xbox Cloud Gaming;
  2. Log in to your Microsoft account by clicking on “Sign in” at the top right of the display (if you do not have a Microsoft account you can create one for free in a few steps);
  3. Go to the Fortnite card (currently on the first page) and select “Play for free”.
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Ph. Credit: epicgames.com