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How to make your mobile or tablet a remote control for Android TV

How to make your mobile or tablet a remote control for Android TV

If you have an Android mobile device or tablet, you may be interested to know that you can turn them into a real remote control for Android TV. Controlling the television from the terminal has been possible for a long time thanks to the Android TV Remote application, but now it is possible to do it without having to install any app.

Currently our television and our Android smartphone offer us different ways of using the terminal as a remote control. Change the channel, raise or lower the volume… having the TV controls from the comfort of the terminal screen is not complicated. The Google TV app, formerly Google Play Movies, comes pre-installed on almost all smartphones and includes remote control functionality.

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You can now turn your tablet or mobile into a remote control for Android TV

This means that the remote control for Android TV is included in any Android smartphone, since its Google operating system includes it. This setting may not be in your device’s quick settings and simply needs to be turned on manually. These are the steps you must follow to do it:

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Once this process is done, using your mobile device as a remote control is very simple. In the settings dropdown you must select the option ‘Choose a device’ and here you will find your Android TV as long as it is connected to the same network as the terminal. Once selected, you can use your tablet or mobile as a remote control with very similar buttons.

The terminal used as a remote control will also allow us to write text on television and in a much simpler way. You will be able to use Gboard, or any mobile keyboard app, which will allow you to type much faster than with regular remote controls.

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You can also use the Google Home app

If by chance the first option does not convince you or it does not work directly as it should, another available option is to use the Google home automation application: Google Home. This includes the remote control option with very similar functionalities.

If you want to turn your terminal into a remote control using this application, the process is somewhat different. When you enter the Google Home app you will see your Android TV, which must be linked to your same account. When you select it, you will see an option at the bottom that says ‘Open command’. Click on it and you will have your remote control.

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