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How to install Kali Linux on Chromebook

How to install Kali Linux on Chromebook

If you are using a Chromebook, you may have appreciated that its OS is supported by the Linux kernel, but its peculiarities are not so prominent. Google chrome OS is a closed source program and does not allow various traditional Linux commands.

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If you want to have a more advanced Linux OS aimed at security, Kali Linux may be the right system for you. Just don’t forget to back up your files first, because your system will need to have Powerwashed before you can get a new OS, and that means removing your personal data.

Before having a new OS …

As with other OSs, you should go into perfect Creator mode if you want to do a more advanced action. This is a way of using an OS that gives you more system permissions. It is deactivated by default, since it is not intended for regular use. To turn on the perfect developer mode:

  1. On the keyboard, hold down the Escape and Refresh keys (the only button on chromebooks), and now press the Power button. Do not release the first two keys until the moment you have pressed the Power key.
  2. If you did the first thing to do correctly, the Chromebook will reboot and start in Restore Mode. They will greet you with an “error message,” which is nothing to worry about. If you see the expressions “Google chrome OS is missing or damaged. Please insert a restore USB stick or an SD card, »you are at the right place. Just press Ctrl + D and go on.
  3. This bundle will get you to the part where you need to change your “OS check.” This serves as an alternative to the opposite of Developer Mode, which means that you need to disable OS verification to activate Developer Mode on a Chromebook.
  4. The next window will warn you that “OS check” is disabled – again, it will look like an error message even if you are doing everything right. At the moment you do not need your gadget to check the OS every time you start it up, knowing that you are installing another OS. This also assumes that you have enabled perfect developer mode. Pressing Ctrl + D again (or waiting 30 seconds) reboots the system in such mode.
  5. After booting, if you find the words “Upgrading the system for the perfect developer mode. This may take a while. Do not turn off the set until after it has been restarted. ‘ You must wait at least ten minutes before turning on Creator Mode. Your Google chrome OS will start as if you had never enabled your Chromebook.
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New beginnings

When you have enabled Creator Mode on your Chromebook, you can have another OS. By default, both the newly installed OS and Google chrome OS will remain on the gadget, making it easy for you to move from one to the other. The hotkeys that do this are Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F1 and Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F2. Here’s how to set up another OS, Kali Linux being the situation here:

  1. The first thing to do is download Crouton, which stands for “Chromium OS Universal Chroot (move root) Environment”. To download it, click here, then click on the link with your finished name on Github. Crouton is free, in the same way as our Linux.
  2. Once Crouton is downloaded, enter the Crosh terminal on your Google chrome OS by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T.
  3. Crosh is the Google chrome OS shell, so it is not surprising that “shell” is the first command you need to enter.
  4. To start downloading and also make Kali Linux available, copy the next line: sudo sh -y also ~ / Downloads / crouton -r kali-rolling -t xfce Here, “xfce” is the desktop scope, and “kali-rolling” is the Kali Linux version. You can alter them according to your intentions.
  5. This may take a while, depending on the capabilities of your hardware. If Kali Linux asks you to enter a new UNIX username and password, please do so, and make sure you remember or write your login details.
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If you are not on Kali Linux yet, you need to start it. To accomplish this:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + T to start the terminal again.
  2. Type “shell” and also enter “sudo startxfce4” to start Kali Linux.

This is not successful in all cases, and may be in an incident caused by a mistake. If you can’t go back to moving to Google chrome OS, logging out should fix this. If you get an error saying “The owner of /tmp/.X11-unix should be set to root,” you need to remove an X-org file that is responsible for the failure. To accomplish this:

  1. It first requires booting your Kali Linux without the user interface (GUI) by starting the shell and copying this line to the terminal: sudo enter-chroot -n kali-rolling
  2. Type “sudo apt-get update” to update the repository.
  3. To remove the X-org file, enter “sudo apt remove xserver-xorg-legacy” and then type “exit” to escape the chroot.
  4. Typing “sudo startxfce” should boot Kali Linux successfully.
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Drawbacks with the browser

If you’re having trouble with your browser, it might be a great idea to have another one on your site. Right-click on the pre-installed and click “Remove”. You can easily arrange Chromium instead of the previous browser by doing the following:

  1. Open the Kali Linux terminal. It’s at the bottom of the desk.
  2. Enter “sudo apt-get install chromium” and enter your UNIX password when prompted.

In pursuit of permits

If you need more system permissions on your Chromebook, Kali Linux may be the right one for you, mainly because Linux is free and open source. But remember that this OS is primarily for penetration testing, and is not very conducive to regular work.

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What is your preferred version of Linux? Which version of Linux would you advise individuals who don’t require the quirks that Kali gives? Please assist others in the comments below.