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How to free up space on an Android smartphone without using third-party apps

How to free up space on an Android smartphone without using third-party apps

When we buy a new smartphone, we feel happy and believe we can store whatever we want. However, in most smartphones this is not the case, as the memory is not expandable. So, this brings us to the usual problem: theeternal struggle to free up space on your android device.

Time passes quickly and we begin to notice it when all those photos, videos, apps and downloads remind us that our Android is no longer enough. Then, after one or two years of use, the device begins to request free space.

Faced with this situation, most people choose two paths:

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Way 1: buy a new android whenever the available storage space runs out. This is because people face the inability to save anything on their device. They can’t take photos, film important moments, or just download material.

Way 2: Usually install a third party app from the Google Play Store. Some of these apps promise to free up storage space on your device and speed up your smartphone. But often many of these Google Play Store cleaning apps are scams and should be avoided.

Fortunately, there are steps that can help us free up space on our smartphone, quickly and easily. Just follow a few simple clicks!

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How to free up space on your Android

The steps we will show below were performed with a Pixel 6 Pro running Android 12. The process on the device should be the same or similar to this. If not, you’ll just need to make a small tweak to the process for it to work. Let’s begin!

To free up the storage space on your Android device, open the notification screen to access the “Settings” app. Within the “Settings”, click on “Storage”. When you are in the section “Archiving”, touch “Free up space“. Here you will find different types of files that you can delete. Some are junk files, old screenshots, large files, specific app media files, downloaded files, and media files that have been backed up to your Google Drive account.

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For the files to be deleted, just choose the option “Clean X”(X is the amount of MB or GB freed after cleaning). And for the rest of the files, click “Select file”And then choose the files you want to delete. Within each section, you will have the option to select individual files or “All Items” to remove everything in that category.

After selecting all the files, go to “Move X”File in the Trash (X is the number of files you are deleting) and that’s it. Check out the rest of the options on the “Cleaning Tips”And, once completed, you should have reclaimed most of the storage space on yours Android.