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How to force iPhone to always be in low battery mode

How to force iPhone to always be in low battery mode

In this tutorial we will teach you how to enable low power mode indefinitely.

07/12/2022 23:00

With the intention of preventing you from running out of battery at an important moment, Apple has developed a series of functions that will allow you to get the most out of autonomy. This is important, since it may happen that you are away from home and the mobile has little battery left, but you do not have a charger at hand.

Precisely for this reason they have managed to design a function that allows reducing the battery consumption of the mobile called low consumption mode. In this way, they have achieved a substantial improvement in the autonomy of the latest iPhone.

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However, this function is automatically deactivated after an elapsed time or a load limit, so we have prepared a tutorial where we will teach you how to keep it on indefinitely.

How do we enable low power mode permanently on mobile

In this way, the low power mode remains active indefinitely.

Next, we will present the steps to follow to correctly configure this automation.

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This way you will have managed to create a successful automation so that the low consumption mode can be activated automatically, regardless of whether you or the operating system has deactivated it after reaching 80% battery charge.

If you want to check that everything is working fine, you need to go to iPhone Settings, then Battery and enable low power mode (if you haven’t already). Then proceed to turn off the switch for this mode and you will find that it will not work as it will turn on automatically.

In this way, you will not be able to deactivate the low consumption mode of your mobile, even when it has a charge level of more than 80% or more, no matter you connect the charger. This is because the automation will force the smartphone to stay in this state.

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How do we disable permanent low power mode on mobile

This way you can enable and disable low power mode whenever you want

It is possible that the iPhone, when in low power mode, limit some of its functions, since this feature blocks background processes, stops automatic updates, disables 5G for almost all tasks (except video streaming), stops synchronization with mail, the refresh rate of newer screens is limited to 60 Hz, among other features that you disable while in this mode.

To turn off this mode, you need to disable automation, so your iPhone will go back to its normal state. We explain how to do it: