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How to find out if an unknown AirTag is following you

How to find out if an unknown AirTag is following you

AirTag is the Apple tracker launched last year. Since its debut, the small gadget has enjoyed high success due to its low price and functionality. The device, in fact, allows users to monitor the objects to which it is attached to find them in case of loss. In practice, the gadget of dreams for those who always forget everything. Despite being very useful, in recent times, the device has turned out to be something of a double-edged sword. Just take a look online, in fact, to read about countless cases in which AirTag was used for illegal purposes: stalking, theft, etc.

Understanding if you are being followed by an unknown AirTag is not always easy. There is, at the moment, a security system based on notifications (the one we will see in this article), but it does not seem to be very effective. Apple has announced that, later this year, it will roll out a major security update that will prevent attackers from using the device for illegal purposes. In the meantime, however, how to understand if an AirTag is monitoring us? The procedure is different for iOS and Android devices. Let’s find out together in this article.

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AirTag: find out if someone is following us via the Apple tracker


AirTag uses the “Where’s” network to function. Thanks to this, you can also get notified if an unknown device is monitoring you. The important thing is that your device is updated to the latest iOS version. To have iOS 14.5 or later, in fact, it is necessary to be able to receive a notification in case someone is following you via AirTag. Furthermore, devices with at least iOS 15.2 installed, can even disable the unknown AirTag after the notification arrives.

Thanks to “Where is”, your device constantly monitors the presence of unknown AirTags nearby. If after a few hours, it continues to detect the presence of the same AirTag associated with the device, it sends a notification to your iPhone. In this way, it will be possible to identify the unknown device. It is essential, in this case, that you have activated the warning notifications. If you don’t know, you can check it in the “Where is” app by clicking on the “Me” section and looking for the item “Safety warnings on objects”.

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If you have an Android smartphone and want to know if an AirTag is following you, you need to download an Apple app. Is called AirGuard and is available on the Google Play Store. In order for it to work properly, after installing it, you have to turn on Bluetooth. The application will work in a similar way to the “Where is” app on the iPhone. Periodically, the smartphone will scan the area around it and, if there is an unknown AirTag nearby for several hours, it will send a warning notification to the user.

At the moment, these two procedures are the only ones that allow you to understand if an unknown AirTag is following you. We will keep you updated as soon as Apple launches news about it.

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Ph. Credit: Apple.com